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N3D Group

Consulting Engineering | Planning

Professional Registrations


N3D Group professionals hold P.E. Licenses in the following states:


Alabama                             Kentucky

Indiana                               Ohio

Pennsylvania                      South Carolina                  Tennessee                          North Carolina                  Nevada                               West Virginia                    Texas


N3D Group holds Business Licenses in the

following states:





North Carolina

Providing New Technologies Using Traditional Values

N3D Group is a MEP design firm that provides Mechanical/Electrical/Fire Protection Engineering Services for many different types of facilities.  Our main office is located in Lexington, KY and we routinely serve projects throughout Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Ohio.  

We design a wide variety of projects.  Our projects include K-12 education facilities, Military, GSA, Libraries, YMCA, Industrial, and University Facilities, using design-bid-build and design-build delivery methods.  We provide electrical design for water and wastewater treatment plants for civil firms and design AAAF High Expansion Foam fire suppression systems for Aircraft Hangers.  We enjoy designing a very wide type of projects because our engineers have many years of experience gained from working in some of the largest firms in the state.  We want to apply that knowledge in working with clients in our area.

We are team members.  We offer our services to clients early in the procurement phase by visiting sites and estimating and scoping ideas to assist in the proposal and presentation process. We are team members during construction.  We have made it our top priority to respond to construction administration items first, whether shop drawing review or field visits and field reports. We understand that quick decision making keeps projects on schedule. If our representative goes to a construction review meeting, they are encouraged to answer any coordination item on the spot without delay.

We are accessible.  When you call our office, you will be answered by a human, not a computer.   If we are not in our office our office manager will give you our contact information so you all us anytime anywhere. Time is money and we understand that.

We strive for trouble free projects.  We make numerous trips to sites to obtain firsthand existing conditions that assist creating detailed demolition and new work plans.  We help create phasing plans for complicated projects where the facilities have to be occupied during construction.  We take pride in our drawing sets putting extra time on drawings to make them clear and understandable to bidders.  We do this by putting pertinent and related information on the same sheet, so bidders do not have to go sheet to sheet to find an answer. We try to take guessing out of the Drawings which result in better tighter bids by Contractors.

N3D Group builds relationships.  We want to be a client’s first choice when thinking about teaming with a MEP firm.  We are known for creating detailed and understandable Drawings.  We are proud of staff and the work they do in creating great projects.

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