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Mechanical Engineering


N3D Group designs HVAC systems that best meet the Owner's and Building's specific needs. We evaluate many criteria before selecting a system for any facility - new or renovation. Not only does the system have to be energy efficient, but the system must be easy to maintain and easy to control after it is left with the Owner. N3D is always available after a construction project to assist with operating a HVAC system.

N3D further uses building energy modeling to assist in life cycle decisions between equipment, systems and building material selection process. Architects are encouraged to use our life cycle cost modeling to make decisions on what types of windows, roofs, wall insulation and building orientation to use. 

N3D wants to leave systems in good working order and with a well-trained Owner that is very comfortable with how to keep the HVAC system operating at top performance. N3D routinely reviews buildings throughout their warranty period and many years beyond to make sure the systems are working per design. 


Our Mechanical Engineering Services Include:

  • Geothermal Based Heat Pump Systems

  • Chiller Plant with Ice Storage Tanks 

  • Clean Room Systems for IT Server Rooms and Historical Preservation Rooms

  • Variable Speed Chilled and Hot Water Systems 

  • Primary Air Variable Air Systems with Electric or Hot Water Reheat 

  • Cascaded Condensing Boiler Hot Water Plants 

  • Centrifugal, Screw, Scroll, Series and Parallel Chilled Water Plants

  • Steam Boiler Plants with Steam Distribution Systems and Heat Exchangers 

  • Humidity Control Systems, both reduction and insertion systems

  • Warehouse Turnover Systems

  • Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

  • Dedicated Outside Tempered Air Systems with Energy Recovery and Reheat

  • Roof Evaporative Cooling Systems

  • Complete DDC/FMS/BAS system design for new and existing HVAC Systems

  • Forensic HVAC System evaluations for Mold and High Humidity Problems

  • Underground Hot, Chilled, Steam and Piping Campus Distribution Systems

  • Building Energy Use Modeling and Analysis

  • Manufacturing Welding, Fume, Process, Exhaust Systems 

  • HVAC Systems for Classified Atmospheres

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