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John A. Newman, P.E., F.P.E



- Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

  University of Kentucky

- Value Engineering Workshop Training


Professional Affiliations

- ASHRAE (American Society of Heating,    


  and Air Conditioning Engineers) Past Chapter

  President 2002- 2003

- NSPE (National Society of Professional    


- NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)

- SFPE (Society of Fire Protection Engineers)



- P.E. Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Protection —

  KY #16925

- P.E. Licenses — IN, SC, OH, NV, WV, PA, TN

More about John


John Newman has worked as an electrical, mechanical, and fire protection engineer on a diverse amount of projects for over 30 years.  His experience includes new and renovation projects of 94 community college and technical school projects, 26 University Projects, 40 Military Projects, 53 Municipal projects, and over 125 educational projects from Primary to High Schools.  His diverse experience also includes many in-depth reports, studies, and other projects such as aviation, correctional, and industrial projects.


Mr. Newman’s HVAC design experience spans early steam heating systems to today’s most advanced low water temperature, energy recovery, computer controlled VAV systems that routinely earn the Energy Star Label for the highest in energy performance standards.  Mr. Newman is still involved in HVAC, Electrical, and Fire Protection design while being President of N3D Group.

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